Red Nose Day is coming. And whatever you do, no matter how small, you can help people live free from poverty, violence and discrimination. This includes funding organisations that are supporting people right now in Ukraine, and those attempting to cross the border. Because you have the power to change lives.

Red Nose Day this year is Friday 18th March and there are loads of ways you can get involved.

Wherever you work, getting together with your workmates to have a laugh and make a difference is what Red Nose Day’s all about.

Fundraising for Red Nose Day isn’t just great fun, you’ll also be amazed at what your whole workplace will get out of it…

  • It gets everyone working together towards a common goal.
  • Red Nose Day is a huge national event that you’ll all be part of.
  • It’s a fantastic way for the whole team to bond.
  • It creates a real buzz and feel-good factor.
  • Your fundraising will help to change lives in the UK and Africa.

Fundraising in the workplace is a good way to get everybody involved, although it has to be said, making people feel pressured in to giving up their time and hard-earned cash when they may be struggling themselves can have the opposite effect to raising self-esteem, and the emphasis has to be placed very much on the voluntary aspect of being involved.

Putting people under additional pressure is only going to turn people off from the whole concept.

So, ideas where participation can vary from person to person are always a good thing.

Team fundraising ideas

  • Step challenge: you could start with a 10,000-step challenge. Encourage people to commit to 10,000 steps in exchange for sponsorship. This is a great way to introduce some exercise in to their daily routine whilst raising money for a great cause. And it’s amazing how quickly those steps will add up if you incentivise employees to take the stairs for example rather than using the lift, or book meeting rooms at the end of the corridor!
  • Raffle: Ask your team to donate prizes. Bottles of wine, chocolates, toys, maybe even a spa day or a go-karting session.
  • Hold a bake off: Let that hidden chef in you lose. Get baking and sell your cakes on to your work colleagues.
  • Wear fancy dress for the day: Admittedly, not everybody is a fan of fancy dress and if your employees work in customer-facing roles, you might prefer to keep things professional. But if your team isn’t customer-facing, then you’re free to have some fancy-dress fun!
  • Coffee Morning: Eat the cakes and bring out the Nescafe and people will come flocking. Charge them for the privilege!
  • Guess the weight: Find something suitably heavy – try a jar full of sweets and ask your employees to guess its weight. Charge them to enter and the winner gets the sweets or buy a small prize.

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