• Paper Salad design and publish greeting cards and giftwrap. Needing support to understand, develop and lead their expanding team they turned to our HR team to apply DISC behavioural profiling to assist them.

The situation beforehand

  • Designers by profession, they found running the business and managing a rapidly expanding team a new challenge.
  • Leading, motivating and developing their growing team was important to them but they lacked the experience and confidence to do this.
  • Instances of low level conflict and poor communication in some parts of the business was becoming a concern and undermining team performance.
  • Some examples of poor recruitment decisions undermined their confidence and had a negative impact on the team and business.

The success we’ve achieved

  • DISC profiling helped identify the team members’ natural behavioural strengths and the areas where they need support.
  • Karen and Claire now have an understanding of their own leadership styles and how to get the best from each team member leading to improved communications and productivity.
  • DISC highlighted their ‘rising stars’ and those with the potential for advancement within the company.
  • Recruitment decisions are now informed by DISC profiling, ensuring their recruits are a great match for their business and that they quickly become productive.

DISC Behavioural Profiling provided Karen and Claire with a better understanding of their own leadership styles.

It also highlighted their natural behavioural strengths and where they might need personal support or development allowing them to provide more effective leadership to their team.

The team also gained a better understanding of each other, which has led to improved communications, creating a happier environment where everyone understands the role they have to play.

In addition, using DISC as a recruitment tool has given Karen and Claire peace of mind that their new recruits will quickly settle into their role becoming a valuable addition to their unique team.

DISC Behavioural Profiling was fascinating. This wasn’t just the managements’ view, our whole team found it interesting and valuable for making the changes required. We underestimated the effect on motivation that investing in the personal development of our team would have.

Karen Wilson and Claire Williams
Directors – Paper Salad LTD