Alison had recently been appointed to her company’s Board of Directors. Recognising she had a very challenging time ahead she invested in some personal coaching to help her…

The situation beforehand

  • Well qualified academically, Alison had never invested in any personal coaching.
  • Well liked, and usually able to get on with anyone, she was puzzled by ‘conflict’ with fellow Board members.
  • With a self-confessed tendency to procrastinate she needed to develop strategies to improve her productivity.
  • Quietly confident in the right circumstances, Alison wanted to find ways to feel confident more of the time.

The success we’ve achieved

  • DISC Profiling provided Alison with a real understanding of her unique leadership style and strengths.
  • She now has a greater understanding of why she works better with some Board members than others and how she can improve these working relationships.
  • DISC has become a critical tool to support her personal development. She now has a strategy to improve her productivity.

Alison is using the strategies to support her to develop her confidence and build stronger working relationships.


Alison invested in DISC profiling which included a Personal Coaching Session.

It has helped her understand herself more and the people she works with. She understands what motivates her and what her stress triggers are. It has provided insights into her own ‘work habits’ her productivity strengths and challenges.

By understanding the differences in people and how they connect, Alison has been able to build relationships of trust quickly. Misunderstandings and conflict is replaced with understanding and harmony. Alison is now working more confidently and effectively and enjoying her new role within the company.

I was bowled over by DISC and the Personal Coaching Session. I continue to be impressed by the insights it provided and I am now very clear where I need to develop myself. I will be extending the use of DISC for my own team and I’m speaking with the Board to encourage them to adopt DISC across the company.

Director of HR