Our client is an established enterprise employing over 30 people. They set ambitious growth targets to support their new business plan. DISC Behavioural Profiling was used to help restructure their business and to deliver their vision.

The situation beforehand

  • The management team recognised that they needed to improve the way they worked together and communicated.
  • Long serving team members had not been assessed or appraised for some time resulting in a lack of understanding of the skills and potential within the team.
  • Underperforming teams needed proactive support to merge, learn how to work together and become more effective.
  • Poor recruitment choices had hindered the performance of key teams.

The success we’ve achieved

  • DISC Profiling provided a shared understanding of leadership styles and strengths to the management team, enabling them to work more effectively as individuals and as a team.
  • DISC profiling has become a critical tool in the appraisal process helping to identify employees’ strengths and development needs. It is seen as a key asset to driving the business forward and identifying and developing internal talent.
  • Performance of the teams has improved.
  • Recruitment decisions are informed by DISC profiling, ensuring new recruits are a great match for the role and business.

The management team now recognise their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses allowing them to work together more effectively to achieve their goals.

The business restructure was informed by greater understanding of their employees capabilities derived from profiling exercise. The company now has the right people in the right roles to drive the business forward.

DISC supports recruitment decisions, providing confidence that new recruits will be quickly assimilated and become productive additions to the business.

By making DISC integral to appraisal process, they ensure that they support their team members to develop their skills and achieve their full potential.

I am truly excited by DISC and we have only just scratched the surface of the value it can deliver. Impressed by the insights it provided. It informed our restructure, recruitment processes and the personal development of our team members to help us all achieve our full potential and work effectively together.

HR & Operations Director