Temperature Control enlisted the support of our HR team and DISC Behavioural Profiling to re-design their job roles and improve how they work effectively together to drive their business forward.

The situation beforehand

  • The MD wanted to better understand the personalities and strengths of his team members to redesign roles, reduce workloads and create more time for growing their business.
  • The objective was to create a more harmonious team that could work efficiently and communicate effectively with each other.
  • He wanted to create a clear vision for the business with the key priority to focus the team on growing their business.

The success we’ve achieved

  • Using the objective insights of DISC behavioural profiling the MD confidently restructured the Engineering Department, based on individuals’ strengths to help improve efficiencies.
  • DISC profiling gave their team a shared understanding of each other’s personal characteristics and preferred styles of working. This has improved the way they adapt and interact, creating a happier, more productive team.
  • With their new roles in place, the team are making best use of their skills and together are focusing on achieving their goals.

DISC Behavioural Profiling provided the MD with objective insights into his teams’ strengths to confidently remodel their roles.

They now have the right people in the right role to enable their business to grow.

The MD has created a ‘personality poster’ to show each person’s preferred style of working. With a better understanding of what makes each other ‘tick’, they can adapt their communication styles. They now work more effectively and efficiently together, with their clients and other professionals.

Using DISC with their new recruits ensures they quickly settle into their roles and become valued and productive members of their team.

DISC helped me understand the team. Some personalities can seem obstructive or dismissive of change. Using the profiles, I quickly realised this wasn’t the case. I now adapt my approach and work with each team member in the way that suits their personality. Quickly teamwork soared and obstructions disappeared.

Wayne Buckley
MD -Temperature Control