The UEFA Euros 2024 takes place between Friday 14 June and Sunday 14 July and is a big sporting event. Your employees may wish to follow their team and enjoy the event. BUT, not at a detriment to your business.

Flexible Working Approach

If you do not operate a flexible working approach, it may be something to consider during the period of the Euros.

You could consider a more flexible working day, meaning employees may come in a little later or finish earlier, and then agree when this time can be made up.

Could you allow employees to listen to the radio or watch the TV? Is it possible to allow employees to take a break during certain matches? Can employees swap shifts (with management permission)?

Annual Leave & Absence

Annual leave should be booked in the normal way, as per your policy and all leave requests should be considered fairly by you. Remember, not everyone likes football but may want to take leave during this time.

You should monitor levels of attendance during this period and any unauthorised absence or patterns in absence could result in formal proceedings.

You might want to also pay attention to high levels of sickness, late attendance or lower levels of performance at work due to post match celebrations.

Drinking or Under the Influence

Some employees may like to partake in a drink or two while watching a match. However, coming to work under the influence of alcohol or being caught drinking during working hours could result in disciplinary action.

Social Media Usage

There may be an increase in employees using social networking sites, sports news websites or official sporting events pages on the internet. You may wish to remind employees of your policies regarding the use of social networking and websites during working hours.


Once you have agreed on all things ‘Euros’ it is advisable to send an email or communicate in the best way possible what your stance is. It is important to set those expectations upfront.

How we can help

You must ensure you apply a fair and consistent approach with ALL employees when allowing additional benefits and following your policies during the Euros.

But, for now……come on ENGLAND!!

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