We all know that in team sports, the ones that work together effectively are generally most successful. The same applies to businesses. It’s crucial to engage your team and create the right environment for them to thrive and drive your business forward to achieve its goals.

Did you know that ‘The Sunday Times 100 best companies to work for’ consistently outperform their sectors by 15-20%? This shows how investing in your team increases performance and profits.

Creating the right environment for your team to thrive

Build a happy and successful team with CARE:

  • Camaraderie – Individuals need to feel part of the team
  • Achievement – Everyone wants to feel that what they are doing is worthwhile.
  • Responsibility – Do you give your team members this?
  • Equity – Do your team believe they are treated fairly?

Understanding the personalities within your team

People think and behave in very different ways which can lead to friction and hinder performance. It’s important everyone within your team understands each other’s personality so you can work well together. Profiling is a great way of finding out what makes you and your team tick. It gives you a shared understanding of each other’s preferred styles of working and communicating and how to adapt your style to work happily and effectively with the different personalities within your team.

Profiling is also a fantastic way to inform recruitment decisions or redesigning roles, ensuring you get the right person in the right role and people quickly settle in and become and become valued and productive members of the team.

How Hallidays can help

Our HR team offers a personality profiling service called DISC, which is based on four broad personality types:

DISC starts with a straightforward personality questionnaire completed by you and your team. From there we analyse your responses and create your comprehensive personal reports. We’ll help you understand your personality alongside the different personalities within your team. We’ll make recommendations on how you can adapt your approach to motivate and work effectively with each other to create a harmonious, successful team.

DISC helped me understand the team. Some personalities can seem obstructive or dismissive of change. Using the profiles, I quickly realised this wasn’t the case. I now adapt my approach and work with each team member in the way that suits their personality. Quickly teamwork soared and obstructions disappeared.

Wayne Buckley

MD – Temperature Control