Boost morale so every day goes from hump day to fun day.

At Hallidays HR, every day is #funatworkday.

Work doesn’t have to be boring! From sharing a good joke with your work wife/husband, to team outings, injecting some fun into your day can boost creativity, productivity, and morale.

With most of us spending a third of our lives at work, the topic of workplace morale has never been more relevant – particularly as we navigate life in a post-pandemic world.

So why not, – let loose and let the good times roll!

Why do you need high employee morale?

First and foremost, employers have a duty of care to their employee, and wellbeing falls into this category. Striving to improve team morale – whether that’s through team nights out, incentives, or workload management – is the mark of an employer who recognises the true value of their team’s wellbeing. If your employees look like zombies at their desks, they might be suffering from low morale at work, so it might be time to take a look at your company and boost workplace morale.

A positive relationship exists between how much fun people have at work and how good of a team player they are. Fast company 2022 reports there is a 9% overlap between how much a person loves their job and how well they perform at it. When people feel valued, appreciated and respected for what they bring to their role, they naturally have greater energy, morale, focus on the job and motivation to succeed – all key drivers for productivity.

Tips for Boosting morale

Building a successful reward and recognition scheme is a key driver when we consider how to boost happiness and productivity in the workplace. Good pay is great, but to truly drive high morale and in turn boost productivity, we have to look beyond financial incentives. Whether this is allowing employees to take their birthday off, medical and dental insurance, flexi- time, cycle to work scheme, or a shopping discount scheme we, at Halliday’s HR, can help you design some non-monetary benefits.

Setting boundaries, not working excessive hours and adopting a hybrid working approach (where possible) to allow for some social interaction, are all fail-safe ideas for improving your wellbeing at work.

What else can I do to improve morale?

Create an enjoyable working environment and encourage communication.

If you encourage communication, teamwork, and camaraderie, employee morale has room to grow. Small teams tend to outperform solo geniuses, so creating a fun working environment can help with team dynamics.

Why not encourage company get-togethers (during business hours) so your team can really get to know one another. By becoming familiar with the people, they work with, employees can project positive energy among themselves.

How to recognise employees

People want to feel appreciated, so if you don’t already, take the time to recognise your employees. Employees who don’t know how they’re doing might not have the confidence and morale needed to continue succeeding. Thank your team members for their dedication.

Employees who are appreciated will work harder and stay longer at your business. Bring in pizza or cookies one day. Surprise employees with spontaneous company parties and food. Have fun with it!

The importance of accommodating your employees’ lifestyles

An employee’s whole life isn’t with your business. They have friends, families and hobbies of their own. Do you have employees that need to pick up their kids in business hours? Or would working from home increase work life balance? If you can, give employees the opportunity to have flexible working arrangements.

Employees will be grateful that it feels like you are working with them, and they will put more effort in to their work. An employee who feels like they can tackle their personal life, will focus more on their professional work.

Help employees see their position’s purpose

People need a purpose, it’s in our nature. What is your company’s mission? How do your employees help achieve that mission? You can help employees see why their position matters, by explaining your company’s vision to show employees how they are helping the business achieve its goals.

You can also help an employee see their purpose by conducting regular appraisals, at Halliday’s HR we can review your existing appraisal or design a bespoke scheme suited to your business which will really help employees see how they can develop with you to achieve your company aims.

Without high morale in the workplace, your company will suffer. A business depends on its employees to survive, expand, and exceed expectations. If your employees have a poor attitude and outlook of your business, they will only do a subpar job. And, you could face higher employee turnover rates if they are not happy with their position. The importance of building successful workplace morale couldn’t be higher on your agenda.

Don’t know where to start?

At Hallidays HR, we understand the importance of keeping morale high in the workplace. We are here to support you, whether that be rolling out a survey to find out what your employees’ value, reviewing your existing benefits package and suggesting improvements or developing a bespoke reward scheme for your business.

Contact us today, to learn more about our HR support services and how we can help you create a culture of fun, leading to greater productivity.