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As a small business owner, you will understand that managing your HR functions effectively is key to the success of your business. HR mistakes can be costly and can put you and your business at risk.

At Hallidays HR, we are here to provide your HR solutions. We will help you to achieve your goals by providing you with the support and guidance you need to manage your HR effectively.

We’re here to offer you our comprehensive range of HR services and HR support, designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your business. With our expertise and dedicated team, we aim to alleviate your HR burdens, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running and growing your business.

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Your trusted HR partner

When you work with us, you gain a trusted HR partner. What makes us different to other HR companies is our dedication to your business’s success. Your team won’t see us as a third party provider. We take time to understand your business and become part of your team.

Our HR outsourcing services, expert guidance, HR support and commitment to excellence set us apart. One of the most respected HR consulting firms for small businesses in the North West, we understand the challenges faced by small businesses, and we are here to provide the support you need to overcome them by providing the right HR advice and HR support for your organisation.

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Who We Are

Hallidays HR is a leading human resources consulting firm that specialises in providing high-quality HR services to small businesses. Our HR outsourcing service is to help small businesses succeed by providing them with the resources they need to manage their human resources effectively.

As an HR service provider, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and providing them with the support they need to achieve their goals.

Our team has years of experience working with small businesses across a wide range of industries. We understand the unique challenges that small businesses face and we have the HR expertise to help you overcome them.

Our HR team are passionate about what they do and they are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

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What We Do

Small business HR services

At Hallidays HR, we provide a wide range of HR services and HR support that are tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Many small business owners often find themselves grappling with the challenge of implementing HR processes without the assistance of dedicated HR personnel. However, this task can be quite time-consuming, encompassing various areas such as recruitment, employee relations, appraisals, and other people-related matters.

But worry not, we are HR experts and we can provide dedicated HR support, offering ongoing assistance and guidance at each stage of your business journey.

With our expertise, you can focus on your core business operations while ensuring that your HR processes are effectively implemented.

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HR Consultancy

Our team of HR consultants provide expert advice and guidance on all aspects of HR management.

We can help you with everything from writing your employee handbook, developing HR policies and policy implementation, HR strategy development, procedures and managing employee relations. We’ll work with you to identify the specific needs of your business and provide tailored solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

With our support, you can make informed decisions that drive your business forward, knowing your HR is in safe hands.

Whatever your HR issues, we’ve got you covered.

HR Administration

Managing HR administration can be a time-consuming and complex task, especially for small businesses with limited resources. At Hallidays HR, we can take care of all your administrative needs, including employee contracts, policies, and procedures.

As HR service providers we will handle processes such as the creation of a bespoke employee handbook with all the HR policies you need as well as providing HR advice on employment benefits, payroll services, benefits administration, leave tracking, and maintaining employee records, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

We can also provide guidance on compliance with employment laws and regulations, helping you stay on top of your legal obligations..

Training and Development

Investing in in the training and development of your employees is essential for the long-term success of your business. Your people are the backbone of your business and it is essential to invest in people who support your growing business.

We offer training programs that cover a wide range of topics, including leadership, communication, employee management and performance. We can also devise and deliver bespoke training programmes tailored to the specific needs of your business and your employees.

Performance Management

Managing employee performance is key to maintaining a productive and engaged workforce.

At Hallidays HR, we can help you develop and implement a performance management system that will help you identify and address performance issues. Our HR Consultants can also provide support with performance appraisals and objective setting, helping you keep your employees motivated and focused on achieving their goals.

Employee Relations

Managing employee relations can be challenging, especially for small businesses with limited HR resources. As HR professionals, we can provide guidance and support with all aspects of employee relations, including disciplinary and grievance procedures, absence management, and employee engagement.

Engaged employees are more productive, and loyal, and contribute significantly to a positive work culture. We can help you create strategies to improve employee engagement, including conducting surveys, implementing recognition programs, and developing communication channels.

We’ll work with you to develop policies and procedures that are fair and consistent, helping you build a positive and productive workplace culture.

HR Software and Technology

We leverage the power of HR software and technology to streamline your HR processes and increase efficiency. Our HR tools and tech-enabled solutions automate administrative tasks, such as payroll and leave management, freeing up your time to focus on strategic initiatives. With our user-friendly HR systems, you can easily access employee data, generate reports, and track key metrics.

Compliance and Employment Law

Staying compliant with employment laws and regulations can be challenging, especially for small businesses. Our team of experts ensures that your HR practices align with the latest legal requirements, reducing your risk of penalties and legal disputes. We provide guidance on HR compliance for employment contracts (in line with UK employment law), HR policies, and procedures, keeping you up-to-date with the ever-changing legal landscape.

If you are a business owner interested in speaking to HR outsourcing companies and are looking for reliable outsourced HR services to partner with, we would love to tell you more about our HR services and HR packages.

Why Choose our HR outsourcing services?

HR Expertise:

Our team of HR consultants possess extensive knowledge and expertise in various areas of human resources. We are leaders in our field, we have many years of HR experience and are passionate about providing expert HR advice. Not only are our HR support packages cost-effective, but there will also be a package to suit everyone, covering all your HR needs. We work on a fixed monthly fee, with no hidden costs, which is perfect for a small business so you can effectively manage your costs.

We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and regulations, ensuring that you receive accurate and reliable advice.

Personalised Approach:

We understand that each small business is unique, and that’s why we take a personalised approach to HR consulting services. We take the time to understand your specific needs, goals, and challenges, allowing us to tailor our solutions to your business requirements.

Cost-effective Solutions:

We understand that cost-effectiveness is a priority for small businesses. Outsourcing your HR functions to Hallidays HR allows you to access our professional expertise without the overhead costs associated with hiring an internal HR Manager or in-house HR team. Our flexible service packages can be tailored to suit your budget and specific needs, ensuring that you receive maximum value for your investment. HR outsourcing enables you to make strategic decisions that drive business growth while keeping HR costs under control.

Compliance and Risk Management:

Staying compliant with employment laws and regulations is crucial for any business. Your dedicated HR consultant will ensure that your HR policies and procedures align with the latest legal requirements, reducing your risk of penalties, fines, and legal disputes.

Focus on Growth:

By outsourcing your HR needs to Hallidays HR, you can free up valuable time and resources. This allows you to focus on core business activities and strategic growth initiatives, knowing your HR is in safe hands.

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If you’re a small business looking for a HR company to provide a professional HR service, our HR Consultants are here to support you. With our expertise, personalised approach, and commitment to your success, we are confident that we can help you overcome your HR challenges and achieve your business objectives.

If you are looking for a small business HR outsourcing service and would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, please contact us for an appointment.

We provide HR support to a number of small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hallidays HR ensure cost-effectiveness for small businesses?

We understand that cost-effectiveness is a priority for a small business.

Our service packages can be customised to suit your budget and specific needs. By outsourcing your HR functions to us, you can avoid the costs associated with hiring and training an in-house HR team. We provide value for your investment by offering professional expertise, efficient processes, and strategic HR solutions that help drive your business forward.

How can Hallidays HR help improve employee engagement in my small business?

Employee engagement is vital for small businesses to foster a positive work culture and boost productivity. We can help you develop strategies to enhance employee engagement, such as conducting surveys, implementing recognition programs, and improving communication channels. Our goal is to empower you to create an environment where employees feel motivated, valued, and committed to your business’s success.

How can Hallidays HR help ensure HR compliance for my small business?

We can help your small business with your HR compliance as we stay updated with UK employment law. We offer guidance and support to ensure that your HR practices align with legal requirements. We can assist with drafting employment contracts, developing policies, and maintaining proper record-keeping to minimise the risk of penalties and legal HR issues. Is your business HR-compliant? Get answers with our FREE HR Health Check.

How responsive is the HR support provided by Hallidays HR?

At Hallidays HR, we prioritise responsive and timely support for our clients. Our team of HR Consultants is readily available to address your HR issues and challenges. We understand the importance of quick resolutions in HR matters, and you can count on us to provide the support you need in a timely manner.

Would my small business benefit from outsourcing HR?

Yes, outsourcing HR can provide numerous benefits for small businesses. Here are some key reasons why your business can benefit from small business HR outsourcing:

Risk Mitigation: HR mistakes and disputes can be costly for small businesses. To maintain growth you need to prevent issues before they become a problem. The key to achieving this is being proactive and ensuring legal compliance. By outsourcing HR, you can rely on experienced professionals who are well-versed in handling employee relations, conflict resolution, and HR-related risks. They can guide you through difficult situations, minimising legal exposure and protecting your business’s reputation.

Employee Support and Development: Outsourcing HR enables you to provide comprehensive support to your employees. HR providers like Hallidays HR offer services such as employee engagement programs, training and development initiatives. These services enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, and professional growth, contributing to a positive work culture.

Expertise and Compliance: HR regulations and employment laws are constantly evolving, making it challenging for small businesses to stay updated and ensure compliance. Outsourcing HR to an external provider ensures that your business remains compliant with legal requirements, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues. HR experts with up-to-date knowledge will guide you through complex HR matters, providing accurate advice and minimising compliance risks. Take the first step toward HR compliance with our FREE HR Health Check.

For all your small business HR outsourcing requirements, contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

Client Case Study

“Hallidays HR has formed an exceptional partnership with Tenterden Schools, providing tailored HR solutions that have revolutionised their operations. Through seamless recruitment processes and strategic HR advice, Hallidays HR has enhanced the school’s performance and attracted exceptional staff members.

This partnership has empowered Tenterden Schools to overcome challenges and foster a conducive environment for growth, making Hallidays HR an invaluable partner in their journey towards excellence.”

Stuart Reeves
CEO – Tenterden Schools Trust

Based in Stockport UK, we support businesses in and around Greater Manchester. If you’re looking for a partnership with HR experts to help keep you compliant and support future growth, contact us today on 0161 476 8276 or get in touch below. HR support is what we do best.