Our clients needed to make big changes to the way they ran their business. They commissioned our HR team to provide leadership on the HR elements of their business restructure…

The situation beforehand

  • Like many businesses, the workforce had evolved unplanned as the business had grown and was now in need of restructure.
  • There had been no assessment of what the business now needed to grow further and more specifically whether it had the right team in place to support that growth.
  • There were some long serving, well-remunerated employees that were no longer focused on the business goals of the firm nor committed to driving it forward.

The success we’ve achieved

  • In depth consultations with our team helped the Board focus on the changes that were needed to the business structure and their teams.
  • By working with us they identified their star performers that could drive the business growth and highlighted those about whom there were concerns.
  • We provided support through many challenges as they arose. They provided guidance on the complex and litigious process of consultation to make changes to people’s jobs and salaries. In some cases this involved consultation to bring employment to an end through a redundancy process.

By bringing in our proven expertise, the Board had confidence that the right support was in place for the restructure of their business.

Our team guided the Board through the complex HR elements of the restructure. This minimised the stress and disruption for the client and the team members.

The business now has the right team in place. They feel valued and motivated to take the business forward confidently.

We achieved what we needed on time and with minimum distress to those involved. Hallidays HR were on hand to ensure that we followed the correct legal process that would protect the business as well as supporting the Board through this very painful process. Their support was invaluable.

Managing Director