Having transformed a child care nursery into a vibrant success, Sarah wanted a partnership with our HR experts to ensure they are compliant with all employment legislation and update their systems to reflect the ethos of their business…

The situation beforehand

  • Keen to act on feedback from their team satisfaction survey, Sarah wanted to improve their appraisal system to ensure it was a positive experience which linked with their mission, vision and values.
  • Sarah needed HR expertise to update their employment policies and contracts of employment to ensure they were compliant with relevant legislation and her team had clarity.
  • Sarah wanted to introduce a new style of management to ensure their HR systems are efficient and any matters could be quickly and effectively resolved.

The success we’ve achieved

  • We held a focus group to involve her team members in the re-design ensuring they were engaged and motivated by their new appraisal system.
  • With our ongoing support they have clarity and peace of mind their employment contracts and policies are always up-to-date, leaving them free to focus on what they do best.
  • We supported Sarah to recruit a new Nursery Manager to further build team happiness.

With a strong partnership with our team, Sarah has introduced a range of new ways to support her team.

Their new appraisal system is now a positive and motivating experience, which better reflects the ethos of their business.

Sarah and her team are confident they can efficiently resolve any HR matters with their comprehensive policies and ongoing support from our advisors.

Team happiness and engagement has increased and together they are creating a strong team and focusing on driving their business forward.

Hallidays HR are an absolute godsend! They took the time to understand our business and the challenges we face. We’ve built up a great relationship. Their advice is always practical and straightforward. We have complete trust and confidence in everything they do.

Sarah Whitney
Business Owner – Hollins Wood Childcare