HR Health Check

Are your HR documents legally compliant?

HR policies are like insurance, you only need them when you need them, but when you do, they are the most important policies your business owns! We recommend reviewing these important documents every 6 months to ensure they are up-to-date and legally compliant – but we know this is often not as much of a priority as it should be, for many businesses.

How relevant and up-to-date are your employee contracts, handbooks, policies and other HR resources?

We are currently offering a free of charge, HR Health Check, PLUS a 30-minute initial consultation to support businesses like yours. Simply complete the form below, to the best of your knowledge, and we’ll be in touch!

The form should take approx. 5 minutes to complete and will provide us with valuable information to support you during your free consultation.

    Contracts of Employment

    Do all your employees have a Contract of Employment?

    Do you issue it on, or before, Day 1 of employment as required?

    Are you confident that your contract template is up to date and legally compliant?

    Do you carry out all the required pre-employment checks?

    Do you know how to check an individual’s right to work in the UK?

    Company Policies

    Do you have an Employee Handbook that includes all your policies and procedures?

    Are your policies and procedures legally compliant?

    Do your policies allow you to manage short serving employees in a commercial way?

    Are you confident that you are GDPR compliant?
    (Do you have a Data Retention policy?)

    Are you aware of how the Equality Act 2010 can sometimes affect how you manage your employees?

    Do you have processes in place to protect the business when an employee leaves?
    (Return of equipment, exit interviews, restrictive covenants)

    Do you know what to do in scenarios of redundancy?
    (Business closure, redundancy, TUPE)

    Developing Your Team

    Do you have effective people processes in place?
    (Induction/onboarding, appraisals, probation reviews)

    Do you have any areas of concern with any of your employees?
    (Sickness record, performance, disciplinary)

    Do your employees have job descriptions and are they clear on your expectations of them?

    Are your pay and benefits in line with the market?

    Do you ask your employees what they think of working for you?
    (Employee opinion survey)

    Leadership & Line Manager Training

    Are you confident in the abilities of your Leadership Team?

    Does the Leadership Team work in a cohesive and effective manner?

    Would any of your Leadership Team benefit from some enhanced training?

    Are you confident that your Managers are skilled in effectively managing their teams?

    Do you have any new team leaders that need support with the transition?

    Is there any conflict amongst Managers within your business?

    If there is anything else HR related that you would like to discuss with us, please include below or contact us.