Human Resources Services for Small Businesses

Running a small business is no easy task, especially when it comes to managing the complexities of human resources. To navigate the ever-changing landscape of employment regulations, compliance, and employee relations, many small businesses in and around Greater Manchester turn to Hallidays HR, a Stockport-based HR consultancy.

Hallidays HR is dedicated to providing top-notch human resources services for small businesses, ensuring they can thrive and succeed. We explore how Hallidays HR can be your reliable partner, supporting your business with the human resources expertise you need.

Why Small Businesses Need Human Resources Services

For small businesses, HR management can be a daunting challenge. The complex web of employment laws, the need for effective talent management, and the demand for streamlined HR processes often require specialised knowledge and resources that many small business owners simply do not have. This is where Hallidays HR steps in, providing tailor-made human resources services for small businesses to help them thrive.

How Hallidays HR Can Help:

1. HR Compliance: Staying up-to-date with the latest employment laws and regulations can be a challenging task. Hallidays HR ensures your business remains compliant, avoiding the risk of costly legal issues.

2. Talent Acquisition and Management: Finding and retaining the right talent is essential for growth. Hallidays HR can help you recruit, train, and manage your workforce effectively.

3. Employee Relations: Building a positive and productive work environment is crucial for success. Hallidays HR can mediate employee disputes, develop employee handbooks, and implement effective communication strategies.

4. Performance Management: Hallidays HR assists in setting performance goals, conducting reviews, and creating incentive programs to boost productivity.

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    What we offer

    At Hallidays HR, we offer a wide range of services that we can support you with, the list is not exhaustive, so if there are any areas that you specifically would like help with, then please get in touch.

    We like to work with our clients on a monthly recurring basis, but we can offer all of the services below on a one-off/project basis too, so there is something for everyone!

    Contracts & Employee Handbook

    We will review your existing contracts and policies to ensure that they are up to date and legally compliant…


    HR Advice & Support

    Our key focus is to develop relationships of trust and to provide advice that is tailored to you and your business.


    Developing Your Team

    We believe that this is the key area that will drive your business forward…


    Mediation & Conflict Resolution

    Is your team struggling to get on, and you just can’t get past it?


    DISC Behavioural Profiling

    Behavioural Profiling can be so valuable, whether it is used for recruitment, self-awareness or team development, it is a really powerful tool.


    Employee Opinion Survey

    Find out what your team members really think!


    Settlement Agreements & Protected Conversations

    No-one likes to have these conversations, so we can take that pain away, and do the whole process for you!


    Pay & Benefits

    Are you confident that you are paying the market rate?


    HR Admin Support

    If you are struggling with the HR admin side of things, then let us help you!